Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Nuitritous Papaya and Pork Ribs Soup

This is my favourite soup.  Semi-ripen papaya and pork ribs boiled to perfection with groundnuts and chinese dates or jujubes. It's an age old recipe which I learnt from my late Mother-in-law and I can never have enough of this soup. The original recipe calls for pig's tail, but for convenience I subsituted it with soft ribs which tastes just as good and flavourful.  The papaya has to be in the right semi-ripen stage, not too ripe nor under-ripen as the sweetness of the soup depends on it.  If the papaya is too ripe, when boiled it becomes too mushy and if not ripe enough, the soup will be too bland.  So what I did was to buy green papayas and keep it in the kitchen to monitor it's ripening stage, usually about a week.  You can guage it by the skin which should still be green with very pale orange specks.  When cut open the flesh is firm and it's reddish-orange hue which is perfect for boiling.

Papaya cut into large chunks and groundnuts soaked and baised till tender

Dried Chinese dates or jujubes add subtle sweetness to the soup

Boiled to perfection.  It is know to be good for lactating mothers as the nutrition in papaya improves milk flow, as I was told!